How it works

Our progress

Our roots are in ecommerce
but we’ve grown with our clients

While our origins lie in ecommerce, we have expanded and evolved alongside our valued clients.

Product Creation

You create or source a unique product you're ready to sell. Sales are going well, and you're struggling to keep up with orders, so you partner with Simpl to help ensure your customers can get your awesome product, fast.

Connecting Channels

It's simple to connect your brand; with integrations to over 100 marketplaces, platforms, channels, and more. It's completely free and can be set up in minutes. Whether you're selling on Shopify, Etsy, Walmart, WooCommerce, Amazon, or something else - we handle it all.

Shipping Inventory

Now, it's time to ship your inventory! We'll work with you to find the best options to get your products straight to our warehouse. This is the most exciting step as once you're past this, it's all on autopilot!

Recieving & QC

This is where Simpl takes over! We'll begin quickly receiving your inventory and ensuring everything is ready to ship. At this point, we can also do any additional prep work necessary before the products head to fulfillment. We 3D scan each product to get accurate dimensions so we can find the most efficient packaging to help save you $ and reduce unnecessary packaging!

Orders Sync

Our software pulls in your orders all day long so they can go straight to our awesome picking team. This is how we guarantee same-day fulfillment. Sometimes we're too quick to ship but our software allows you to add fulfillment delays if you need extra time between.

Packaging & SOPs

Once the order is picked, it heads to our packing team, where we pack the order per your requirements. We work closely with our clients to design SOP's that fit their exact brand needs, so your customers get the experience they deserve. We've done a lot to make orders match the brand. Custom crinkle paper, custom packaging, handwritten notes, custom inserts, custom tape, etc. Whatever it is your brand needs, we'll make it happen.

Discounted Shipping

We've worked hard to get the best rates possible for both international and domestic shipping. When you partner with Simpl, you get access to all of those rates. We have a method and rate to match almost anything. We also bundle all of our fees into 1 fee per order. This helps keep you know exactly what you'll pay for any order - all that matters is the weight. We provide everything else - postage, packaging, dunnage, and more.

Everything Syncs

As soon as the order ships out, our software syncs with your sales channels, and your customer is notified. You can always trust that everything is up to date, always. This includes order statuses, returns, and real-time accurate inventory.

Seamless Returns

We also help with returns! We have our returns/exchange tools built natively in our software and also connect with return partners. Whether you want to use our native returns or are looking for a good partner, we can help! We'll help get returns received in, exchanges sent out, and customers kept happy! We can fold apparel, polybag items, and make sure your products are ready to be shipped back out in pristine condition!

Continuous Growth

We're here to support you every step of the way as your brand continues to grow and needs change. We offer omnichannel fulfillment as well as B2B fulfillment, FBM, FBA Prep, etc. You can always be sure we'll have a logistics solution or we'll point you in the right direction!